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Gateway - Industry–related: A point at which freight moving from one territory to another is interchanged be­tween transportation lines.
GATT - Abbreviation for “General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.” A multilateral treaty to help reduce trade barriers between the signatory countries and to promote trade through tariff concessions. The World Trade Organization (WTO) superseded GATT in 1994.
GBL - Abbreviation for “Government Bill of Lading.”
GDSM - Abbreviation for “General Department Store Merchandise.” A classification of commodities that includes goods generally shipped by mass–merchandise companies. This commodity structure occurs only in service contracts.
General Order (G.O.) - When U.S. Customs orders shipments without entries to be kept in their custody in a bonded ware­house.
Generator Set (Gen Set) - A portable generator which can be attached to a refrigerated container to power the refrigeration unit during transit.
Global Maritime Intelligence Integration (GMII) - It is within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, with the mission to ensure govern­ment–wide access to maritime information and data critical to intelligence production and to serve as the focal point and oversight agent for maritime specific information issues.
Go–Down - In the Far East, a warehouse where goods are stored and delivered.
Gooseneck - The front rails of the chassis that raise above the plane of the chassis and engage in the tunnel of a container leading to the connection to tractor.
GRI - Abbreviation for “General Rate Increase.” Used to describe an across–the–board tariff rate increase implemented by conference members and applied to base rates.
Gross Tonnage (GT) - Applies to vessels, not to cargo, (0.2+0.02 log10V) where V is the volume in cubic meters of all en­closed spaces on the vessel. Since 1994, it replaces “Gross Registered Tonnage.” An approximate conversion ratio is 1NT = 1.7GT and 1GT = 1.5DWT.
Gross Weight - Entire weight of goods, packaging and freight car or container, ready for shipment. Generally, 80,000 pounds maximum container, cargo and tractor for highway transport.
Groupage - A consolidation service, putting small shipments into containers for shipment.
GVW - Abbreviation for “Gross Vehicle Weight.” The combined total weight of a vehicle and its container, inclusive of prime mover.

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