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E.C.M.C.A. - Eastern Central Motor Carriers Association.
ECMC - The U.S. Exporters Competitive Maritime Council. An association primarily of U.S. engineering, procurement and construction companies and their freight forwarders that was formed jointly by the Maritime Administration in 1997 to seek solutions to transportation problems and enhance the export of U.S. project cargoes.
Edge Protector - An angle piece fitted over the edge of boxes, crates, bundles and other packages to prevent the pres­sure from metal bands or other types from cutting into the package.
EDI - Abbreviation for “Electronic Data Interface.” Generic term for transmission of transactional data between computer systems. EDI is typically via a batched transmission, usually conforming to con­sistent standards.
EDIFACT - International data interchange standards sponsored by the United Nations.See UN/EDIFACT.
Elevating – A charge for services performed in connection with floating elevators.– Charges assessed for the handling of grain through grain elevators.
Elkins Act - An act of Congress (1903) prohibiting rebates, concession, misbilling, etc. and providing specific pen­alties for such violations.
Embargo - Order to restrict the hauling of freight.
Eminent Domain - The sovereign power to take property for a necessary public use, with reasonable compensation.
Empty Repo - Contraction for Empty Repositioning. The movement of empty containers.
Endorsement - A legal signature usually placed on the reverse of a draft; signifies transfer of rights from the holder to another party.
Entry - Customs documents required to clear an import shipment for entry into the general commerce of a country.
Equalization - A monetary allowance to the customer for picking up or delivering at a point other than the destina­tion shown on the bill of lading. This provision is covered by tariff publication.
Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR) - A document transferring a container from one carrier to another, or to/from a terminal.
ETA, C, D, R, S – Estimated Time of Arrival, Completion, Departure, Readiness, or Sailing– Estimated Time of Availability. That time when a tractor/partner carrier is avail­able for dispatch.
Ethylene - A gas produced by many fruits and vegetables that accelerates the ripening and aging processes.
E.W.I.B. - Eastern Weighing and Inspection Bureau.
“Ex Dec” - Contraction for “Shipper’s Export Declaration.”
Ex – “From”  - When used in pricing terms such as “Ex Factory” or “Ex Dock,” it signifies that the price quoted ap­plies only at the point of origin indicated.
Exception - Notations made when the cargo is received at the carrier’s terminal or loaded aboard a vessel. They show any irregularities in packaging or actual or suspected damage to the cargo. Exceptions are then noted on the bill of lading.
EXIM Bank - Abbreviation for Export–Import Bank of the United States. An independent U.S. Government Agen­cy which facilitates exports of U.S. goods by providing loan guarantees and insurance for repayment of bank–provided export credit.
Expiry Date - Issued in connection with documents such as letters of credit, tariffs, etc. to advise that stated provi­sions will expire at a certain time.
Export - Shipment of goods to a foreign country.
Export Declaration - A government document declaring designated goods to be shipped out of the country. To be com­pleted by the exporter and filed with the U.S. Government.
Export License - A government document which permits the “Licensee” to engage in the export of designated goods to certain destinations.
Export Rate - A rate published on traffic moving from an interior point to a port for transshipment to a foreign country.
Ex-Works - An Incoterm of sale meaning the seller delivers to the buyer at seller’s named premises.

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