21.03.2023 @ 19:04 www.delta-transport.eu | www.deltagroup.bg Standard Trading Conditions XV. PAYMENT OF THE FORWARDER'S SERVICES  



(1) The CUSTOMER must pay to the FORWARDER all sums immediately when due, without deferment, reduction or offset, irrespective whether such sums constitute remuneration for services rendered or costs and damages sustained by the FORWARDER which, according to these STC, are on account of the CUSTOMER and/or of the third parties having a legal interest in the goods.

(2) If a deadline for the payment has not been expressly agreed, the sums will be considered overdue and the CUSTOMER in default of payment after the expiry of 10 days from the date of issue of the FORWARDER's invoice for CUSTOMERS in Bulgaria and 14 days from the date of issue of the invoice for CUSTOMERS abroad.

ART. 66. In the case of default on due payments the Payer becomes liable to a daily charge on the overdue sum amounting to 1/100 of the current annual interest rate of the Bulgarian National Bank.

ART. 67. Insofar as this is consistent with the applicable currency regulations, the FORWARDER may demand from the CUSTOMER payment either in Bulgarian or in foreign currency.

ART. 68. Notwithstanding acceptance by the FORWARDER of instructions to collect part of or all charges and remunerations due to him from a third party, the CUSTOMER remains jointly responsible for the payment of such charges and remuneration when due.

ART. 69. The FORWARDER is entitled to recover all sums due to him either from the CUSTOMER or from the OWNER, the Consignor and the Consignee of the goods.


(1) The FORWARDER is entitled to demand partial or complete prepayment of or a security for his remuneration and for all expenses and charges arising in the execution of the forwarding Order, including also expenses resulting from events of General Average nature.

(2) The FORWARDER is entitled to take any reasonable measures to safeguard his interests and to secure reimbursement of the costs, charges and damages sustained in the execution of the forwarding order, including disposal of the goods at his discretion, unless such costs and damages result through the fault of the FORWARDER.

ART. 71. The FORWARDER is not obliged to provide at his expense security and deposit for the payment of freight, duties, taxes or other costs. If the FORWARDER nevertheless renders such security or deposit at his expense, he is entitled to demand immediate compensation.

ART. 72. Offsetting in respect of any debts or claims arising out of the forwarding contract is allowed only if such debts and claims are already due and are uncontested.

ART. 73. The FORWARDER is entitled to be paid and retain all brokerages, commissions, discounts and other remunerations customarily paid in the execution of the forwarding contract, even when acting as Agent for the CUSTOMER.


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