21.03.2023 @ 20:06 www.delta-transport.eu | www.deltagroup.bg Standard Trading Conditions IX. CUSTOMS CLEARANCE  



(1) The CUSTOMER is obliged to make in due time a statement on the customs status of the goods delivered to the FORWARDER and to submit all necessary particulars and documents for the customs entry and for the customs clearance of the goods.

(2) The CUSTOMER is obliged to inform in due time the FORWARDER of all official requirements in respect of the goods delivered to the FORWARDER (such as: customs, duties, taxies, levies and the like). The consequences resulting from mistakes and omissions of the CUSTOMER in this respect are entirely on his own account.

(3) The FORWARDER is obliged to observe the prescribed customs status of the goods and is exempted from the obligation to execute any instructions of the CUSTOMER which may result in an infraction of customs rules and regulations.


(1) in principle, customs clearance upon acceptance, dispatch and delivery of the goods in Bulgaria is done by and for account of the CUSTOMER, the OWNER or the Consignee of the goods.

(2) The FORWARDER may effect customs clearance by special agreement with, under written authorization by and at the cost and risk of the CUSTOMER. Even in this case the FORWARDER performs customs clearance on basis of the available documents and the declaration of the CUSTOMER and bears no responsibility for their authenticity.

(3) The order to forward goods to a Consignee in a foreign country includes also an order to clear customs, if this is necessary to avoid impediment to the execution of the forwarding contract.

(4) The order to deliver goods under customs bond to a Consignee in the country includes an authorization for the FORWARDER to perform the required customs formalities.

(5) In the case described in Cl. (2),(3) and (4) above, the FORWARDER is entitled to demand from the CUSTOMER or OWNER a prepayment of or a security for the customs duties, taxes and levies due on the goods.

(6) The FORWARDER is entitled to a separate remuneration for performing customs formalities and/or for the payment of part or all customs duties, taxes, even when such remuneration has been agreed in advance.

ART. 36. The rights of the FORWARDER against the CUSTOMER shall not be affected by acts of the Authorities and by legal decisions and obligations in respect of the goods, for which the FORWARDER is not liable. In such case, the provisions of Art. 19 of these STC will apply.


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