21.03.2023 @ 19:18 www.delta-transport.eu | www.deltagroup.bg Standard Trading Conditions VII. INSTRUCTIONS, DOCUMENTS AND INFORMATION  



(1) Neither party is responsible for loss or damage arising solely as a consequence of verbal instructions, unless same have been confirmed in writing by either side.

(2) Instructions transmitted to person not appointed or authorized to receive them are void, unless the transmitting side can prove that employing the care of a good Merchant it has had good reason to consider the receiving person to be so appointed or authorized.

(3) The burden of proof of the correct and timely transmission of instructions rests on the party, which seeks to rely on those instructions to avoid liability or to engage the liability of the other party.

(4) Written instructions received by the FORWARDER are treated as definitive authority until revoked by the CUSTOMER. However, instructions to hold the goods at the disposal of a third party cannot be revoked once this third party has exercised its right of disposal.

(5) The parties must notify each other immediately of any changes in their address; otherwise, all notices are sent to the last known address.

(6) The FORWARDER is not obliged to check the authenticity of signatures and the authority of signatories to sign any documents or instructions concerning the goods.

(7) Except by special agreement, any instructions for delivery of the goods in specified circumstances only (such as: against payment or against surrender of a particular document) are accepted for execution by the FORWARDER only as an Agent for the CUSTOMER, insofar as third parties are engaged to effect compliance with such instructions.


(1) Notices in respect of the goods duly sent by the FORWARDER are sufficient evidence in disputes and claims.

(2) The FORWARDER is entitled to send notices unregistered and documents of any kind uninsured.

ART. 26. ADVICE AND INFORMATION: Advice and information in any form are provided by the FORWARDER upon request, for the CUSTOMER's use only and subject to the provisions of Art. 19 of these STC. 


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