21.03.2023 @ 18:53 www.delta-transport.eu | www.deltagroup.bg Standard Trading Conditions VI. FORWARDING OFFERS AND ORDERS  



(1) Quotations made by the FORWARDER are valid if accepted immediately and for immediate execution and are subject to withdrawal or revision, unless they contain express provisions to the contrary.

(2) In the event of cost changes beyond his control the FORWARDER may change his offers and prices with or without prior notice.

(3) The prices in the offers and contracts made by the FORWARDER include only the services expressly listed therein and, unless otherwise agreed, relate to standard and harmless commercial goods of normal dimensions and weight and in normal condition, which do not require special conditions of carriage, storage or handling.

(4) The execution of the Forwarding contract presupposes the existence of normal conditions for the performance of the contractual services, unimpeded communications and continuation in force of the freight rates, costs and exchange rates on basis of which the relevant contract has been made.

(5) The FORWARDER may recover from the CUSTOMER any additional outlays not included in the contractual price, provided that he has notified the CUSTOMER of same. For this purpose, a general indication (such as: "plus usual additional charges") shall suffice.


(1) The execution of the FORWARDER's offers accepted by the CUSTOMER shall begin within a reasonable time after the FORWARDER has received and confirmed a concrete Order containing all instructions and particulars necessary for the performance of the contractual services.

(2) The CUSTOMER shall bear all consequences arising from the execution of an incorrect or incomplete Order, save when with a reasonable care the FORWARDER might have foreseen those consequences, but has not warned the CUSTOMER.

(3) Even when he has accepted the Order, the FORWARDER may at his reasonable discretion refuse to execute it in the absence of a security or deposit for the payment of his expenses and remuneration.

(4) If the CUSTOMER withdraws a confirmed Order, the FORWARDER is entitled to receive a compensation of his expenses, except if proved that the Order was withdrawn through the fault of the FORWARDER.


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