21.03.2023 @ 20:17 www.delta-transport.eu | www.deltagroup.bg Standard Trading Conditions IV. GENERAL OBLIGATIONS OF THE FORWARDER  


ART. 11. The FORWARDER shall perform his duties and services with professional care, diligence and skill and within reasonable time.

ART. 12. The FORWARDER is obliged to provide the necessary staff, organization, structures and skills for the execution of the contractual services.

ART. 13. Subject to the provisions of these STC, the FORWARDER must take reasonable steps to execute the instructions of the CUSTOMER, whereby:

1. The FORWARDER shall notify the CUSTOMER if he considers his instructions to be insufficient inexecutable;

2. The FORWARDER may depart from those instructions if there is good reason to consider that this departure is necessary to safeguard the interests of the CUSTOMER.

ART. 14. Within the limits of his professional knowledge and of reasonable care for the interests of the CUSTOMER, the FORWARDER shall inform in advance the CUSTOMER of any circumstances which might obstruct the execution of the forwarding order.

ART. 15. If after conclusion of the contract the FORWARDER becomes aware of circumstances which in his opinion make it party or wholly impossible for him to fulfill his duties, he shall inform the CUSTOMER and seek further instructions.


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