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ART. 1. The definitions and abbreviations used in the text of these STANDARD TRADING CONDITIONS bear the following meaning:

1. "STANDARD TRADING CONDITIONS" hereinafter is abbreviated as "STC".

2. "FORWARDER" is the Merchant, who by occupation and for common use performs the services and the related transactions constituting the objects of these STANDARD TRADING CONDITIONS (STC). For the purpose of these STC the meaning of the term "FORWARDER" is not limited exclusively to the legal definitions contained in Art.304 to Art.308 of the Law for obligations and contracts in Bulgaria.

3. "CUSTOMER" is any Person on whose behalf, for whose benefit and/or at whose request the FORWARDER undertakes any business or provides any services or information under these STC.

4. "GOODS" (or "CARGO") is the object of the services and the related transactions performed by the FORWARDER under these STC, which includes also any packing, container or equipment for the protection of the goods in transportation, handling or storage.

5. "DANGEROUS GOODS" are such goods/cargo, which constitute a risk in transportation, handling or storage according to the legislation of any of the countries of origin, destination or transit and/or according to the applicable international regulations.

6. "OWNER" is any Person who has legal rights of disposal of the goods and of their packing.

7. "FORWARDING DOCUMENT" is any document issued by the FORWARDER in his own name and on his behalf to cover the transportation, the storage or the handling of the goods/cargo.

8. "INSTRUCTIONS" are any general and specific requirements, clearly stated by the CUSTOMER and accepted for execution by the FORWARDER.

9. "PERSON" means any physical person or body corporate, as well as any Authority or Institution.

10. "TRANSPORT UNITS" any any containers, trucks, trailers and semitrailerS, railcars, tanks, pallets and all other devices, specifically constructed for the carriage of goods by land, water or air.

11. "HANDLING" is the physical operations performed by the FORWARDER with the goods/cargo, such as loading, unloading, stowing, re-stowing, re-arranging, securing and unsecuring, packing and unpacking, sorting, counting, weighing, marking, labeling, etc.

12. The headings of the Chapters and the Articles of these STANDARD TRADING CONDITIONS serve for convenience only and have no legal significance. 


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